Things To Do

El Cajon's favorite place for fun has something for everyone; it's like having an amusement park in your own backyard! From Mini Golf and Batting Cages to Go Karts and the Rock Wall, our attractions are sure to keep the fun going all day. Don't forget to try out the Arcade for an extra dose of fun!

Gamers rejoice!  We’ve got all the latest, greatest games just for you.

Inside our huge game room you’ll find incredible games to tickle your imagination. Lead your own starship battle group into a deep-space shootout of cataclysmic proportions. Dance, Dance, Dance ‘til you drop. And don’t forget our exciting redemption games.


NEW Games for 2018!

  • Injustice: The power of DC Comics superheroes is in your hands with Injustice Arcade, the brand new card-based fighter from Raw Thrills. Mix and match among all 200 hero and villain cards to form an unstoppable team, then unleash breathtakingly cinematic Super Moves as you fight to be the last one standing. Get a free card with every play!
  • Lane Master: Combine the physical fun of a traditional alley bowler with the flexibility of a video game. Sensors detect the speed, angle and spin of the ball and is translated on-screen.
  • Spongebob Soccer: Pull the lever and release at just the right time to help Spongebob score a goal on Squidward in this unique soccer-themed redemption game.
  • Ticket Time: Are you a crane master? Steer the claw and gather the most amount of tickets possible! Tickets are detected and awarded to your game card automatically.
  • Whack N Win: Whack N Win is an intuitive, challenging and rewarding game for players of all skill levels. Players must whack their way into the win zone by using their skill to tap the sensor pad and attempt to win the Bonus.