STARTER - Any 3 Single Use Attractions
$19.99 (Up to $27 Value!)

PRO - Any 5 Single Use Attractions
$24.99 (Up to $45 Value!)

CHAMP- 4 Hours Unlimited Attractions

$29.99 BEST VALUE - Save Up to $80!
Only $26.99 when purchased online - SAVE $3.00

Purchase a COMBO MEAL for only $7.99 with the
purchase of any value pack (Save up to $4)!

ONLY $9.99
Good for unlimited passenger rides on Go Karts and Bumper Boats*. Also includes one free Round of Miniature Golf.
Restrictions: Passenger must meet minimum height requirements. Driver of a passenger must be 18 Years or older and must purchase their own ticket or play pass to drive. Cannot be Combined with any other offer, discount, group or promotion. New card activation fee may apply. Other restrictions may apply.


Attractions Include: Go Karts, Bumper Boats, Miniature Golf, Rock Wall and Laser Tag.
There is a $1 charge for a New Playcard.

4 points
20 points
40 points
100 points Value Pack (80 + 20 bonus)
260 points Value Pack (200 + 60 bonus)
Arcade card value can be used for purchase of attractions and food (not including bonus value)


Go Karts
$7 - Driver (must be 58")
$2 - Passenger (must be 40")
Bumper Boats $7 - Driver (must be 44")
$2 - Passenger (must be 40")
Miniature Golf 

$9 - (Ages under 5 free)

Laser Tag $7 (5 minute game)
Rock Wall $7 (two climbs )
Mini-Bowling $3 (per game)

BATTING CAGES $2.00 - 25 Pitches
$10.00 - 15 minutes
$18.00 - 30 minutes
$32.00 - 60 minutes

Sunday, April 20 - Seventh Annual Free Easter Egg Hunt! 
Check out our new three month season pass! 
Weekday Savings! 
Rainy Day Special 
Monday through Friday - 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm 
Boomers! Boca Raton Calendar of Events 

Help your child succeed with a Reward Calendar!
Homework Hero Calendar - Be a Homework King or Queen and earn 10 Points!
Star Attendance Calendar - Have perfect Attendance and earn 10 Points!

1. Print out the Calendar.
2. Mark each day that your child succeeds.
3. Bring the completed calendar to Boomers and receive 10 free Points.

Celebrate Your Good Grades With Us!
Good Students deserve a great deal. Just bring your most recent
report card to Boomers! for FREE points!

    3 points for each "A"
    2 points for each "B"

Restrictions: Maximum of 20 points per child. Must use original report card and
bring within 6 weeks from issue date.

Go Karts -
Hair longer than shoulder length must be tied up above shoulders. For Safety Reasons: No head-wear of any kind is allowed (Headwear Policy). For your safety and to comply with manufacturer requirements; flip flops, sandals without back straps, or other unsecured shoes are not permitted to be worn while driving go-karts. Driver of double Go Kart carrying a passenger must be at least 18 years old and 58" tall.
Bumper Boats - Riders must be at least 44" tall to ride solo. An adult 18 or older may ride with a child at least 40" tall. Under 48" must wear a life jacket.

Attraction operating times may vary, contact the park for a daily schedule.

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