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Get Ready To Unleash Fun!

Boomers is the favorite place for fun in Livermore and has something for everyone. From Mini Golf to Lazer Tag, our attractions are sure to keep the fun going for hours. We've also got a challenging and fun arcade to play video games or win big prizes on the skill games!

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Thunder Road Go Karts

Tackle the track and rev up the excitement in one of our hi-octane Go Karts.

Everyone needs a little wind-in-their-hair excitement. Climb aboard one of our high performance Go Karts and experience the thrill of banked curves, hairpin turns, and exhilarating straight-aways. If you’ve got the need for speed, we’ve got the go-fast Go Karts to fuel the inner speed freak in all of us.

Driver must be 58″

Passenger must be 40″

Driver of passenger must be 60″ or 58″ with a valid driver’s license


For Safety Reasons:
Hair longer than shoulder length must be tied up above shoulders and no loose clothing. Shoes must be worn.

Rock Wall

Rock Wall

Pick your path and reach for the summit of a sheer cliff.

Our Rock Wall is going to provide a real test of your strength and skill as you attempt to scale the face of this 32-foot climbing wall. Pick your path, find a good foothold, and don’t look down. The higher you go, the tougher it gets. But never fear, you’ll be harnessed to prevent any unwanted spills.

Must be 45lbs – 250lbs

Closed toed shoes required

mini golf

Miniature Golf

There’s a reason Miniature Golf has been popular for more than a century! Our courses present an exciting challenge for any age. Lush greens, wild water features and wacky windmills are just a few of the hazards that stand between you and golfing immortality. We’ll supply the ball and the putter. You bring the stroke, or lack of one!

Ages under 5 FREE with paying Adult

bumper boats

Bumper Boats

Just think of it as Demolition Derby on the high seas.

What could be more fun than boarding one of our Bumper Boats for a little adventure cruise? Each boat comes with its own water cannon, and if that’s not enough action, go full speed ahead for a broadside collision. Don’t worry, our bumper boats are easy to captain. So come aboard and soak someone you love. But watch out—you could be next.

Driver must be 44″

Passenger must be 40″

Driver of a passenger must be 18 years of age or older


Two adults may not ride together in the same boat. The adult/parent/legal guardian must sit in the center seat and control the motor.

lazer tag

Lazer Tag

Discover your inner warrior as you battle for supremacy.

In this high tech game of tag, everybody is it! Your team enters a black-light battleground armed with light phasers. Keep your head down and your eyes open, because in this game, the hunter also happens to be the hunted. A vibrating chest plate tells you when you’ve been tagged, and a computer records your score. After the game, compare scores and see who the ultimate Lazer Tag champion is.

Must be at least 44″ tall.

5 minute game



Inside our huge, state-of-the-art game room you’ll find incredible games to tickle your imagination!

Lead your own starship battle group into a deep-space shootout of cataclysmic proportions. Basketball, snowboarding, big time sports—whatever you can imagine is a virtual reality in the Game Room. And don’t forget our exciting redemption games. Win tickets and claim instant prizes at our expansive, on-site redemption center.