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Bring the team together like never before and have a blast!

Team Building


(minimum 10 people)

Team Building at BOOMERS San Diego is a rewarding experience! With the right tools and attitude, BOOMERS San Diego can turn a regular group competition into an exciting and rewarding day. With “working as a team” as our focus, not only does this build a stronger team focus but it also creates a fun and rewarding competition between workmates!

Please keep in mind that our Team Building activities are very structured and focused. Depending on your team size, it may take two and half to three hours to complete.

Splitting the group into teams can be done by you or by our Team Building Captain. However, we like to recommend that teams are broke down by the client because you know the people that don’t always have a chance to work with each other during their normal work day. This way, your team building adventure can even start before you arrive at Boomers! We like to suggest that teams get together before the Team Building day and create a team name together. Please remember to keep it PG, as this team name will be announced over our loud speakers throughout the day for various reasons. We will hand out fun necklaces, leis, beads or hats to help unify you a group and distinguish you by teams.

Team Building Events:

Miniature Golf:
Golf can be done in a variety of ways but TWO ways have been distinguished for the most amount of fun.
1.  Groups are split into teams. Teams can choose to get one ball, one club and each team member takes turns putting the ball to get the lowest score possible.
2.  Teams can choose to each take a turn on the hole hitting the ball. The ball closest to the hole is the team member that has the best shot at getting the best score.
Having the ability to choose which way they want to approach the course fosters great communication and working as a team to accomplish one goal! This event is made even more entertaining by taking a half way mark on the game and determining who has the best score and announcing the scores to all the teams over the loud speaker. The general public will hear as well and sometimes cheer the loosing team on! The loud speaker can be your friend in announcing the team names, best and worst scores, and fosters a better sense of friendly competition. The announcer can also tell the teams that at a certain hole they will have to "putt granny style" or they may have to kick the golf ball into the hole! The scores are then added collectively for each team and divided by the number of team members. The lowest score wins. We often have a “boobie prize” for the highest score. A free round of golf! Because they obviously need to come back and practice more!

Go Karts:
Go karts time trails are super exciting! Team members can be lapped, spun out and it can create a great sense of competition! Timers are used to keep track of the lap time of each car. Team members will take turns being lined up in the go-kart track and compete for the best score. The scores for the go-karts will be added together for the teams. The teams with the fastest combined laps will be the winners. This can be tricky and fun! Strategy comes into play here!

Ticket games:
Ticket games can be a competition for everyone. Teams are given points and a specific time frame to earn the most tickets that they can! In addition, we will give an “advantage” to the team that can come up with the best acronym for the word T.E.A.M. The tickets are collected in the ticket machines and given back to the team builder for scoring.

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